The Wonderful World Of Capitalism

Posted: 2012/04/03 From: Source Nowadays the United States impose on the world the most brutal and dangerous tyranny ever known to our fragile species. By Fidel Castro Ruz The search for the political truth will always be a difficult task even in our times, when science has placed in our hands a huge amount of knowledge. One of the most important was the possibility to know and study the fabulous power of the energy contained in matter. The person who discovered that energy and its possible use was a peaceful and amiable man who, despite being against violence and war, asked the United States to develop it. The US president back then was Franklin D. Roosevelt, a man who had adopted a well-known anti-fascist stand; he was the leader of a country that was going through a deep crisis and helped to save the nation by adopting strong measures that earned him the hatred of the extreme right of his own class. Today, that State imposes on the world the most brutal and dangerous tyranny ever known to our fragile species. The news received from the US and its NATO allies refer to their misdeeds and those of their accomplices. The most important cities in the United States and Europe are the theatre of continued pitched battles between demonstrators and a well-trained and well-fed police, equipped with armored cars and helmets, beating and kicking and throwing gases against women and men, twisting the hands and the necks of people, young and old, showing to the world the coward actions that are committed against the rights and the lives of the citizens of their own countries. How much longer these barbaric acts would last? I will not expand on this, since these tragedies will continue to be seen, more and more, on television and in the entire press; they will be like the daily bread that is denied to those who have less. I will just quote the news received today from an important western news agency: "Much of the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean could be flooded by a tidal wave of more than 34 meters (112 feet) that would be generated if a powerful earthquake hits its coastline, according to revised estimates of a government panel. Any tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 earthquake in the Nankai Trough, which extends from the main Japanese island of Honshu to the southern island of Kyushu, could reach 34 meters high, the committee said. A previous estimate in 2003 estimated that the maximum height of the wave would be less than 20 meters (66 feet). The Fukushima plant was designed to withstand a tsunami of 6 meters (20 feet), less than half the height of the wave that hit the plant on March 11, 2011." But, there are no reasons to worry. Another piece of news dated two days ago, on March 30, could give us some peace of mind. It was published by a really well informed media. I’ll summarize it in just a few words: "If you were a soccer player, and Arab sheik or an executive of a big multinational, what kind of technology would make you sigh?" "Recently, some famous luxury shops in London inaugurated an entire section dedicated to technology-lovers with bulging wallets." "One million dollar TV sets, Ferrari camcorders and individual submarines are some of the fetish to delight millionaires." "The one million dollar TV set is the crown jewel." "In the case of 'Apple', the company has committed to deliver its new products on the same day they are launched in the market." "Let us suppose that we have left our mansion and we are already tired of hanging around with our yacht, limousine, helicopter or jet. We still have the choice to buy an individual submarine or a submarine for two persons." The offer goes on to advertise cells with stainless steel casings; 1.2 GHz and 8G memory processors; NFC technology to make payments through cell phones and Ferrari camcorders. Capitalism, compatriots, is a truly wonderful thing! Maybe it is our fault that not every citizen has its own private submarine at the beach. It was them, not me, who mixed up the Arab sheiks and the executives of the big transnationals with the soccer players. The latter, at least, entertain millions of persons and are not enemies of Cuba; I should state that very clearly. Fidel Castro Ruz April 1st, 2012


Syria Today, Iran Tomorrow, China Day After Tomorrow


The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya were only the beginning.

When the Pentagon's top strategists and geopolitical planners said that they envision endless war in this century, they meant they will start wars on every corner of the globe until all national governments acquiesce to their global political program.

The parasitic supranational banksters who rule the Pentagon and America want the planet in their pocket. And they will not stop waging wars for world domination until America's usefulness to their grand historic project comes to an end. The American Empire is their little military toy, and the empire's bankruptcy and death is part of their global political strategy.

How do you destroy an empire as big as America? As with previous empires, through debt and war.

The housing bubble and fraudulent war on terror, both of which drained trillions of dollars out of the pockets of American families and businesses, were not historical accidents. They were planned and implemented from the very top of America's political, military, financial, academic, and media institutions.

The hijacked White House, Wall Street, and establishment media have taken America and the world for a big ride, and we have not reached the steepest slope on the ride yet. That part of the ride will come when USrael instigates a third world war in the Middle East and triggers a global economic collapse by unnecessarily attacking Iran, which poses no threat to Israel or the U.S.

Iran is not Iraq. A criminal attack on Iran could bring Russia and China into the equation.

Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and a former editor for the Wall Street Journal, said on the Alex Jones show on January 5, 2012, that Washington is not only targeting Syria and Iran, but also Russia and China.

"They've got Syria in their sights," said Roberts, "they've got Iran in their sights. Even China. They now talk about their war plans for China. So they're preparing big things for us: economic collapse at home, more wars abroad."

Roberts said that the U.S. wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were acceptable imperial adventures according to Russia and China, but for Washington to pick a fight beyond these two countries amounts to national suicide for America. Roberts said:
"I think the Chinese and Russians didn't get too disturbed about Iraq and Afghanistan, they may have seen it as a way of letting the Americans get themselves into a mess and bankrupt the government's budget, and so on. But now it is getting closer and closer to them.

The overthrow of Gaddafi, the war against Libya, this was directed at the Chinese oil investments in Eastern Libya. The set up of Syria is directed at the Russian naval base in Syria. And if they hit Iran, as it certainly seems they intend to do with all of their rhetoric, this also threatens the Chinese investments in Iran and it is too close to Russia's borders. So they're now really risking some kind of a nuclear encounter here with two powers."
The controllers of the American mind, who manage the global political dialogue about terrorism and the invented threat of Islam to the West, intend to use America to start criminal and destructive wars - but not to win them. Winning is not in the cards. The "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan were a cruel joke. A foreign army can't defeat a civilian population that hates to be occupied and humiliated.

Patriotic American soldiers were trained to fight as warriors, but they were deployed to play the role of the world's corrupt policeman. What a waste of good men. They were sent on a false mission in which victory was designed to be ever elusive. They were sent on a wild goose chase throughout the Middle East.

If you want to find evil and cruel tyrants, forget Baghdad and Tripoli. Try Washington. Try London and Tel Aviv. Those cities are full of them. Evil drips down the necks of Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

At the heart of every tyranny is a cruel deception. The fictitious 9/11 story is the 21st century example of this age-old truism.

The invasion of Afghanistan was not about enacting revenge against Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda for 9/11 because they didn't do it. Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were created by the shadow CIA-Mossad-MI6 axis, which was responsible for the state terror attacks on 9/11 and 7/7. New York, Washington, and London were not attacked by Muslim terrorists, but by the governments of Israel, America, and England.

The whole point of the war on terror was to bankrupt America and destroy its constitution so that a new authoritarian global government can rise out of its national ashes. So far, that demonic plan is right on track.

An attack on Iran by USrael will accelerate the plan and create the chaotic global conditions that are necessary for the elimination of the United States of America and all nation states by the supranational banking and corporate elite.

The only thing that stands between the bad guys in USrael and the rest of humanity is the truth about 9/11. We in the alternative media must continue to preserve and protect the truth like a baby of peace. When it is ready to walk on its own, we should all get out of its way and let it find its step in the vast wilderness that we call civilization.

Once the truth of 9/11 is ahead of us instead of stuck behind us, there will be global public demand that all sides in the Middle East agree to a cease-fire and begin peace talks.

It is either peace and cooperation, or we stick with the big 9/11 lie which will take us to the brink of nuclear war.

I, and millions of others around the world, have chosen to fight for 9/11 truth and Middle East peace.


Human Rights Hero: Vote for Muammar Gaddafi Posted: 2011/12/27 From: Mathaba Muammar Gaddafi transformed Libya from the poorest country in the world to the most prosperous country of Africa, more prosperous than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International, which has proven to be responsible for the deaths of many Libyans by supporting the American-European war on the country and by remaining silent throughout, is now looking for a Human Rights Hero. Styling itself as a "human rights defender", Amnesty International has chosen to ignore the major human rights violations that took place and are still taking place in Libya by not even mentioning Libya once in their magazine "Human Rights Defender" published in Australia, one of the major sources for its funding, in the midst of the war in June, July and August. Though Amnesty International has admitted "it was told" that many of the so-called mercenaries who were detained, tortured and killed by the NATO-backed Libyan rebels were nothing but migrant workers from sub-Saharan Africa, the human rights organisation has not undertaken anything to help them or the black Libyans who had full rights under Jamahiriya government and who were tortured and massacred by the NATO-rebels in the name of democracy and humanitarian intervention (see The Humanitarian War in Libya - there is no evidence). With no evidence whatsoever and nothing justifying the "humanitarian" bombing and destruction of Libya, there is full proof that Muammar Gaddafi is the greatest Human Rights Hero of our time (for example see The Big Picture: War on Libya is War on Entire Africa; How Gaddafi improved the situation of the Libyan women and 16 Things Libya Will Never See Under NATO-Rebel Regime) and therefore the biggest threat to the West and its "human rights organisations", like the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has pointed out:
"Gaddafi used billions of dollars to connect states in Africa. This man has something to make Western powers, who have grown strong sucking the blood of Africa, fe aring that if Africa became independent and used the tremendous resources that Africa has, and that the Western world needs, in order to become powerful and stay powerful in the 21st century. So he became a threat. In order to vamp on him and destroy him and destroy what he was doing with Africa and for Africa, they manufactured this false play that he was killing his own people in order to put him out of power, assassinate him, destroy the good that this man has done and put a puppet regime in power so that they would no longer have to contend with the idea of the United States of Africa, which the African Union was moving towards under Brother Gaddafi's guidance, help and monetary assistance. What was also leading to this humanitarian award to Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahirya was the UN report that was issued around January 2011, a multi-country report that seemed to give Libya, and subsequently the Jamahiriya government, rather high marks and praise as early as January 2011 around a whole range of issues. What Brother Gaddafi did coming to power in a bloodless coup is, he nationalized the oil, he removed Britain and America from their bases in Libya and he used Libyan oil to finance revolutionary movements against puppet regimes in Africa and other parts of the world. This made him persona non grata in the West, and it also set him up as an enemy of those who have traditionally misused Africa and poisoned African leadership.
When I say poison, I don't mean with physical poison, but African leaders who wanted more for themselves than they wanted for the liberation of our people - these are the types of leaders that America supported. They did not support Osageyfo Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Ture and many of those revolutionaries and many of those revolutionary thinking Black leaders, Patrice Lumumba and others. These are the Black Leaders who were murdered or abandoned or who were set up to destroy their power, because they were the leaders who understood a United Africa. Not all of these separate states. Kwame Nkrumah, Gamal Adel Nasser, they wanted to lift up the idea of the Honorable Marcus Garvey-that there should be one Africa. That is what Nasser wanted, that is what Nkrumah wanted, that is what Muammar Gaddafi spent billions of dollars trying to promote: an African Union on the way to a United States of Africa. This is what made him such a threat to the West, and unfortunately for them, he's still there, he's still alive. They will ultimately have to deal with that man. If I can make a point with this. He raised the standard of living with the Libyan people to the highest on the African continent and even the highest in the Middle East. He freed women who were Muslims to be a part of government, to be a part of a society where they don't sit back and allow men to do everything.
The women are partners with the men in Libya. He was a socialist in orientation in the early days, but as he became involved deeper and deeper with the Quran, he saw himself as a reformer of Islam, and he was in the process of reforming Islam in his country and influencing the development in others. I was there with him when he spent $33 billion to create a marvel in the 20th century where they discovered water under the desert. And he invested $33 billion to bring that water up out of the desert, and I was with him on the day that we pushed a certain button and the water began from near Benghazi into Tripoli, almost to the Tunisian boarder. He made agriculture an absolute must for Libya, that they would produce their own food. He made it possible for the Libyans to get land and equipment to farm the land so that Libya would never have to depend on others for the basic necessities of food. This is what this man was doing, not only for Libya, but he was doing it for Africa as well. He became a thorn in the side of Europe, so now they want regime change. The man was not in any office of power, he's the revolutionary leader. We call him Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. He set up a participatory democracy where the people make the decisions for the future, and he guides the revolution.
I was with him when African presidents would come in, and he encouraged them and said, "Look, we are revolutionaries and you cannot have a revolution and every four years or eight years you bring somebody else in who may or may not continue the trend that you have started." So when people say he has been in power too long, it takes a long time to bring a mind out of a colonial and slave mentality. He is not interested in power in that sense for himself, but he wants to empower the people. Everybody there has a place to live. And he has sent hundreds of thousands of Libyans all over the world to study and the Libyan government pays for their education. If there is an operation that a Libyan needs and they have to go to Europe or America for that operation, the Libyan government pays for it. There is no government on the earth that does that for their people to the degree that this man has done. That kind of leader with that kind of work for his people is an enemy to those who want to live off the sweat, blood and labor of the poor, but not give the poor anything in return. This is why some say that if this man came to America with what he has done for Libya and was trying to do for Africa, maybe they would renounce the 22nd Amendment and change it and make Gaddafi president in America for life."
Therefore, do not support the fake human rights organisation Amnesty International, but support the true Human Rights Hero Muammar Gaddafi and the human rights standards of the Jamahiriya instead. Go to www.amnestyusa.org/heroes and add "Muammar Gaddafi" as Human Rights Hero. Please spell his name exactly like that as this is how a true human rights activist has submitted his name; any other spellings will not be added to the already existing votes. Also please support us so that we will be able to hold Amnesty International and other fake human rights organizations to account for committing crimes against humanity, along with the United Nations, NATO and officials of those entities; donate today and support the www.worldcrimes.org / www.peoplesconference.org/cah initiative.


Occupy Wall Street (OWS): Too Big to Fail

An idea whose time has come resonates globally. (See social.mathaba.net search #occupy or #ows). The masses in the western bankrupt states that bombed Libya for 8 months to destroy People's Power (Jamahiriya) there, are now calling for the same as what the Libyans had: power and wealth in their hands

by Stephen Lendman
November 17 marked two months since beginning in New York. Earlier Middle East and European protests inspired it. Now it's spreading everywhere across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
In America within weeks, hundreds of large and small cities in all 50 states got involved. Protesters weathered snow, rain, cold, pepper spray, tear gas, beatings, arrests, and evictions. Police confrontations, in fact, inspired larger turnouts.
Mother Jones magazine said participants represent "a horizontal, autonomous, leaderless, modified-consensus-based system with roots in anarchist thought." In fact, they're revolutionaries in the best sense of the term.

They've "tap(ped) into the rising feeling among many Americans that economic opportunity has been squashed by corporate greed and the influence of the very rich in politics."

One protester's sign read, "You can't shut down occupation - We're everywhere."
Another said, "You cannot evict an idea whose time has come."
Still another lifted high read, "OCCUPY EVERYTHING."
In fact, it's long overdue after decades of social injustice, heading America toward banana republicanization.

Wealth disparity is extreme. Ordinary people are increasingly marginalized, exploited, and left on their own to survive, sink or swim.
Jobs are harder than ever to find. Good ones paying living wages and benefits are disappearing. College students end up debt entrapped for life.
Super-rich crooks and corrupt politicians conspire to grab everything for themselves. Freedom is an endangered species. Growing poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair are increasing.

Federal, state and local officials plan budget cuts instead of help. Human deprivation isn't discussed in high places, only ways to grab more wealth and power. In plain sight, America's no longer fit to live in. Neither are other Western countries, depriving the many for the few.
Targeting Wall Street, corporate greed, and power brokers in high places, OWS protesters demand change. November 17 marked two months of activism. Occupy Wall Street.org called it a "Historic Day of Action for the 99%."

In New York, over 30,000 rallied. NYPD estimated 32,500. Likely it was thousands more, the most anywhere in America so far on one day. Protesters sense "a powerful and diverse civic movement for social justice is on the ascent."
Hopefully they're right. One protester spoke for others saying:
"Our political system should serve all of us - not just the very rich and powerful. Right now, Wall Street owns Washington. We are the (left out) 99%, and we are here to reclaim our democracy."

Dozens of other cities participated nationwide and globally. Occupy Police got involved. They call themselves part of the 99%. An anonymous sergeant said, "I'm a cop and I support the ideal of Occupy. We're on the same team."
A web site logo read, "We are the 99% protecting 100%." Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis joined New York's OWS and got arrested. He vowed to stay involved when released. He doesn't fear arrest, he said, when people are starving or freezing to death on streets.

"All the cops are just workers for the 1%, and don't even realize they're being exploited," he said. "As soon as I'm let out of jail, I'll be right back here, and they'll have to arrest me again."
Occupy Marines (OccupyOMC) are involved, saying they'll "support the movement. We will support demonstrators with organization, direction, supply and logistics, and leadership." They feature a logo saying "Semper Occupare."

They also highlight Operation Returning Freedom, including a New Common Sense Charter for equality and participation in government for change. They represent the 99%'s "collective conscience" against "oligarchic" America.
Occupy Veterans, Veterans for Peace, Occupy Writers, and Occupy Filmakers are involved. So are people from all walks of life who care and want change. Fordham University Professor Paul Levinson said OWS represents direct democracy. Cornell University Professor Cornel West called it a "democratic awakening."

Over 1,000 writers signed an online petition, saying:

"We the undersigned writers and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement around the world."
Celebrities are involved, including folk singer Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Arlo Guthrie.

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek said:

"They tell you we are dreamers. The true dreamers are those who think things can go on indefinitely the way they are. We are not dreamers. We are awakening from a dream which is turning into a nightmare."
World systems analyst Immanuel Wallerstein calls OWS "the most important political happening in the United States since the uprisings in 1968...."
Conditions are right. Accurately calculated, not Census data based on a long out-of-date threshold, poverty in America affects 100 million or more and rising. Unemployment's at 23%. Over 26 million Americans wanting work can't find it. Nothing's being done to help them.
Every social measure shows Depression-level human need. America's middle class is its working poor. People everywhere in need are mad. Global protests show it.

"It doesn't really matter" what spark ignited things. They're happening, growing, and inspiring others because real grievances demand addressing responsibly at a time politicians are turning a blind eye.
Asked what they wanted, people said long denied justice. Even the initially dismissive New York Times said "(e)xtreme inequality is the hallmark of a dysfunctional economy, dominated by a financial sector that is driven as much by sCheckpeculation, gouging and government backing as by productive investment."

It was a remarkable admission by the nation's leading establishment broadsheet - wealth and power's longstanding voice.

According to Wallerstein, "(t)he movement has become respectable," but with that comes "danger." Already, federal, state and local overt and covert counterattacks are apparent.

Success also breeds other problems, including a "diversity of views." At issue is not becoming "the Scylla of being a tight cult....too narrowly based, and the Charybdis of no longer having a political coherence because it is too broad."

No simple way exists to avoid either extreme or other  pitfalls. One is lack of leadership, including a national voice like Martin Luther King for civil rights. Another is a coherent, unified message, focusing on what matters most.
It's not enough to denounce Wall Street and corporate greed. Key is demanding real solutions and sustaining  long-term struggle. This one's the mother of them all.
Most important is returning money power to public hands where it belongs. Without it, little else is possible long-term.

It's vital to make banking a public utility, break up too-big-to fail giants, close or nationalizing insolvent ones, establish laws and regulations with teeth, and prosecute crooks when they're caught, especially high level ones so everyone knows grand theft won't be tolerated.

Other key issues include ending corporate personhood, getting money out of politics, ending duopoly power and imperial wars, making corporations and the rich pay their fair share, and forcing government, in fact, to be of, by and for everyone, not solely for America's privileged like now.

None of this can happen short-term. Decades perhaps are needed to transform today's America into a socially just new society. In other words, little is accomplished by achieving things part way. Total change is needed. Softening today's system won't work. It never did before and won't now because gains are easily lost.

Wage slavery replaced its chattel antecedent. Hard won labor, civil, and social gains are gone or on the chopping block to disappear. So aren't voting rights when corporate-controlled machines do it for us, yet does it matter under a duopoly money-controlled system offering no choice whatever.
Wallerstein believes "the movement (may go) from strength to strength." Perhaps it can "force short-term restructuring of what the government will actually do to minimize" real pain people experience.

Longer-term perhaps people will address capitalism's "structural crisis (and) the major geopolitical transformations" now occurring "in a multipolar world."
Even if OWS wanes, its legacy will last, like "the uprisings of 1968...." Better times are possible. Change never comes easily or quickly. Enough committed people can make a difference. OWS "is making a big difference."

Indeed, building a global movement is significant. Key though is giving it legs in the face of exhaustion, winter cold, police repression, and political leaders paying it little more than lip service so far while they slash social justice programs to continue serving wealth and power interests at the expense of all else.

Off to an impressive start, what's ahead for OWS isn't known. Given the state of today's America and where it's heading, the stakes are too high for failure. There's no turning back now!
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